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Release™ Deodorising Adhesive Remover

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Release™ Deodorising Adhesive Remover allows you to remove your pouch and any additional residue quickly and easily...and most importantly without any pain!


Publicare AG
Vorderi Böde 9, 5452 Oberrohrdorf Switzerland

Available in both an aerosol and wipe format, the advanced silicone based formula is completely alcohol free and kind to the skin, as with all Eakin products.

Unlike many other adhesive removers available on the market, Release™ has a fresh spearmint scent to help mask odours, giving you increased confidence and discretion.

Release™ has the following key features:

  • A fresh spearmint scent to help mask odours
  • Added Vitamin E content to soothe and moisturise skin and also help maintain healthy skin around your stoma
  • No sting on application – alcohol free formula
  • A quick dry formula that dries in seconds, without compromising the adhesion of the next pouch
  • The aerosol can be sprayed at any angle so you can access any hard to reach areas.

Release™ can be used in:

  • Stoma care – to easily remove pouches
  • Wound care – to remove dressings and tapes