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Hernia Prevention

Q.  I have a hernia and have been advised to have some abdominal support when gardening etc.

Support Belts provide complete support to parastomal hernias during periods of physical activity while still having the flexibility to ensure the normal function of the stoma. Please note that the Support Belts should not be worn constantly or while sleeping.
For more information please refer to the Support Belts product page.

Q.  I would prefer a stoma support belt without a hole.

Support Belts offer complete support over the whole abdominal area, while remaining flexible enough to allow the stoma will function normally under the belt. As parastomal hernias most often occur at the base, or immediate proximity of the stoma, logically this is the main area where support is needed. Previously it was felt it was necessary that a hole should be made for the pouch to protrude, however, it is now thought that this may in fact worsen the condition and is therefore not recommended.
For more information please refer to the Support Belts product page.

Q.  I am looking for a support belt made from breathable fabric.

Support Belts are manufactured from a unique material called Isoflex. This is a lightweight, breathable fabric, providing firm support, yet it is comfortable in hot, humid conditions.
For more information please refer to the Support Belts product page.

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